Aedifice Capital

Aedifice Capital orchestrates funding to support the development of Aedifice Property Group's projects.

Aedifice Capital's primary business is dedicated to the investment strategy for Aedifice Property Group.

With the growth of Aedifice Property Group, Managing Director Heremana Malmezac has expanded the scope of action for the capital arm of the group, soliciting investment from third parties to fund the property development activities.

Any investment in Aedifice Capital’s projects are only open to eligible wholesale investors and is not available to retail investors.

For more information, visit the Aedifice Capital website.

A new opportunity for investors to change the future of affordable housing in New Zealand.

Aedifice Capital is calling for wholesale investors to support a fund that will see the development of multiple new affordable housing precincts with over 1,000 new homes through its residential property development arm, Aedifice Property Group.

Investment in the fund is open only to eligible wholesale investors, with a minimum investment of $750,000.

Aedifice Capital Ltd is a registered financial services provider - FSP1002277
NZBN: 9429050121335