Building a future on solid ground

Since its inception a decade ago, Aedifice Property Group's forward-thinking approach has led to its organic growth, becoming one of the leading names in residential property development in New Zealand.

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A proven track record of quality property development in Auckland and Queenstown

Aedifice Property Group's vision goes beyond just bricks and mortar, creating timeless spaces and sustainable communities for people to connect and thrive.

Every step of our process is well-considered and thoughtful, starting with hand-picking the ideal site to planning, design and development, ultimately delivering our clients not just the keys to a new home but an asset of enduring quality and value.

Drawing on the talents of a dedicated team across planning, design and construction, Aedifice Property Group currently has residential developments under construction on Auckland's North Shore, West Auckland and Wanaka.

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Show homes open now - viewing by appointment

There is nothing like the real thing

Soon you will be able to visit our show homes in our new Selo development to experience the quality of an Aedifice property for yourself.